Invasive Species


Invasive Species

A team of Eastman residents works under the direction of the Department of Environmental Services (DES) to help prevent the spread of aquatic, invasive weeds. These volunteers monitor the water and the shoreline of Eastman Lake, Anderson Pond, and Mill Pond. Fortunately, in 2009 there were no invasives in Eastman water bodies, but weed watchers did spot two exotic (invasive) plants on the shoreline. Weed watchers found both purple loosestrife and phragmites at the edge of the water. After confirming the identification of these two invasive weeds, several of the weed watchers began the arduous task of physically removing them. In addition, other Eastman residents have continued their work of releasing beetles to control and reduce patches of purple loosestrife above Mill Pond. These efforts require repeated work and vigilance.

If you think you spot an invasive plant in or around a body of water in Eastman, it is very important that you contact a weed watcher. It is illegal in New Hampshire to remove any plants in or around water bodies without DES permission.

Review all of the plants in Eastman Pond through this presentation provided by DES.

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